Setting up a Makeshift Home Theatre

Building a “Theatre” with Children

Building a homemade theatre with children can be a lot of fun! It could be in the classroom at school or at home just for fun. Outside or inside, kids love movies and building a theatre just adds to the excitement! You don’t need a big TV or expensive leather chairs to have a great night with the family.

Creating a movie theater is best done on a Friday or Saturday night when the kids have more time to stay up, this way bedtime won’t ruin the fun. The first step is to build your theatre! Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to hang or drape sheets from furniture and the walls. You can use tape to hold the sheets to the walls but make sure that no wallpaper or paint will come off if the tape is removed. You can have the kids create art to go inside your theatre, one idea is to have them recreate a scene from one of their favorite movies.

After your walls are up, couch cushions make great theatre seats. Soft mattresses are another option but require more work to move. Have the children arrange the seats however they’d like for maximum viewing pleasure. Another fun movie seat option is to purchase cheap plastic chairs and have the kids decorate them to be special movie chairs. Glitter glue, stickers, sequins and markers will keep kids busy while you set up the walls of the theater.

Movie Screens

I love projectors as they give a great quality picture and are reminiscent of an actual movie theatre. Projectors can be purchased for fairly cheap. Having adults sit on the couch while children use their cushion theatre seating below will make your kids think they’re in a real theatre!

A regular TV will work just fine as well. Bring the TV into the theatre and set it at a level that the kids can easily see from the floor.