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Food for Home Movies

Making treats for a home movie is a great activity, especially at a birthday party or family event where lots of kids are present.

A big part of going to the theatre is the delicious popcorn and other snacks! Recreating this at home will keep your kids excited and happy. Here’s a great recipe for movie theatre style popcorn.

What you’ll need:
Raw popcorn kernels
2 Cubes butter
Popcorn boxes or bags

At the theatre they use butter flavored oil which keeps the popcorn from getting soggy. You can recreate this by getting clarified butter from a regular cube. Melt the butter in the microwave and let it sit for two minutes. You’ll see the butter separate into three parts. Skim the foam off the top and use the middle layer for your popcorn. The bottom layer can be saved for cooking. Pop the popcorn, drizzle the clarified butter on top and enjoy! You can usually find popcorn bags at a party goods store.

Other Theatre Treats

Another great movie theater treat is homemade pretzels. One option is to buy frozen pretzel dough from the supermarket then let the kids add their own toppings. Salt, cinnamon, sprinkles, all are acceptable toppings for a movie night at home! The idea is to get the kids as involved as possible and make it feel like a real event.
Nachos are another good movie treat, a little messier as well.


Kids love being in charge. Place a child or a group of children in charge of creating tickets. Look online for templates the children can use or have them come up with their own! Let them decorate the tickets and hand them out to family or friends to be collected at the door the theatre. Remember to supervise children as they are working with scissors or other dangerous items.