Deciding on a Movie to Watch

Choosing a Good Movie for Kids

Children and teens need different styles of movie to keep them interested, though there are a few films that cross over well into almost any age realm. Let’s explore different age groups and what movies are fun and appropriate for them.

1-3 Years Old

Nobody can deny the power of movies and shows over very small children. It seems they can sit mesmerized for hours, though this probably isn’t healthy. Kids in the 1-3 year old range may not be interested in sitting through an entire grown up film so it’s important to fill your homemade movie theatre with other activities for the to participate in. You can even start the movie later and pause for an “intermission” and put younger children to bed.

3-12 Years Old

This is a large age group, who will enjoy different movies for varying lengths of time. A child oriented action movie or comedy should keep all parties entertained. It’s important that you stick to your viewing standards with children; everyone will need to come down to the level of the youngest viewer.

Often in grade school children are assigned to watch educational movies at home for a homework assignment. Building a home theatre complete with snacks is a great way to boost excitement for an otherwise tough school assignment. Educational documentaries involving animals can also be a great way to teach your children something while you watch, kids love animals!


Teens are usually mentally developed to watch movies that younger children can’t. There’s always the option of having a movie night with children first, than teenagers and adults. Start the children’s movie early and make sure they have a great time, than after all the little ones are put to bet the older children and rearrange the theatre and view another film.

Movie night is a great way to get everyone together and having fun!