About Nolan Jameson

Hi! My name is Nolan. For years I’ve been in the home entertainment business. It’s been a blast helping families and friends come closer together and have fun times because of home theatres. In this article I’m really going to focus on how you can build your own home theatre with kids. It’s an exciting project that children will really look forward to!

More important than my job is my family. I love being a dad and getting ready for movie night with my kids. In fact, they even gave me some of the ideas that I’ll share with you today! Kids can be tough to reach sometimes, especially in the teenage years. Having fun together sometimes means you have to go into their territory figure out fun ways to engage each other as a family. Building an impromptu movie theatre as a family is one way I’ve found that really works.

The great thing about a home movie theatre is everyone can go at once! Even your pets! It’s a great idea to have friends over for and my own family has had a ton of fun enjoying our homemade movie theaters together. So sit back, grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the show!